1.  What does T&E Management do?

T &E Management is a theatrical agency that represents children and teens for film, television, stills, theatre, musical theatre and all areas of the performing arts. Our job is to act as the middle man between our talent and the casting agents. We are there to guide and nurture you through the entire process of auditioning and working.

2.  How do I know that you are a reputable agency?
Todd and Emma have both been working in talent management for many years. T&E Management has been given the tick of approval by the Department of Industrial Relations. Do your research. Call the casting agents and talk to people in the industry. 


3.  How do you promote your members?
Our clients are placed (at our discretion) on both Casting Networks and Showcast, which are the two leading on-line casting services. We spend all day on the phone and email discussing our clients and looking for work. It is in our best interests to have our clients out there in the industry as much as possible

4.  What does my membership fee cover?
Your T&E Management membership fee covers your professional photoshoot, 2 high res photos, membership to both Casting Networks and Showcast and the ongoing marketing and general administration costs of the agency. The fee also includes holiday workshops 3 times a year where we bring in industry professionals to continue training and developing the kids skills.

5.  Am I guaranteed work?
We are unable to make any guarantees of work. We are not in a position to influence the selection process. The clients always make that decision. However, we will only submit people who we feel are the most appropriate for a role, therefore increasing your chances of getting the job.

6.  What commission do you charge?
We charge 15% commission. We charge 10% for theatre contracts running longer than 6 months.


7.  Do you accept everyone who applies for representation?
No. T & E Management has been created as a boutique agency to represent clients who we feel are ready to work. We are looking for clients who are outgoing and engaging, who have a great marketable look and loads of talent.